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2017 Fantasy Ball Rules & Regulations

1. All persons attending the Fantasy Ball (spectators, competitors, officials, staff, guests, etc.) shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and, by participating in this event, automatically become obligated to adhere to them.

2. Every person attending the Fantasy Ball does so at his or her own risk and expressly and irrevocably waves any claim or claims against the NDCA, Fantasy Ball, its organizers, employees and representatives arising from any loss, personal injury, death or damage associated with this event.

3. The Fantasy Ball, its organizers and the NDCA accept no responsibility for damage, loss or theft of property left in the changing rooms, ballroom, guest rooms or hotel.

4. This event may be photographed and recorded by television, video, photography or other method. All persons attending this event may be photographed, videotaped and broadcast and, by their presence, waive any claim related to the use of their image and the rights of any copyright, privacy or publicity associated with said photography, and consent to the use, exhibition, transmission, distribution or sale of such images by the Fantasy Ball, its organizers, employees, vendors and representatives in any type of media throughout the world without limitation. The Fantasy Ball reserves all print, electronic and broadcast rights and reserve the right to use any and all photography taken at the Fantasy Ball for future promotional purposes.

5. Private videotaping is not allowed at any time during the Fantasy Ball. Violators may be asked to leave the ballroom or have their cameras confiscated until after the competition. Professional photographic services will be available.

6. Professionals competing at the Fantasy Ball must be registered with the NDCA for 2017 and provide proof of 2017 registration upon request.

7. Entry waivers for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

8. Entries consist of completed entry form, signed waiver, accounting form (if applicable) & payment in full. Incomplete entries will not be processed.

9. All entries must be complete and all fees paid before competitor numbers are issued and competitors allowed to dance.

10. The organizers reserve the right to modify the final schedule if necessary. In accordance with NDCA rules, events may commence up to 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

11. Competitors must be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes before their scheduled event and in the “on deck” area at least 2 heats prior to their scheduled heat. Events will not be delayed for latecomers.

12. Events with fewer than 3 entries may be cancelled or combined across age and/or gender divisions. Prize monies may be reduced in events with fewer than 3 entries.

13. The judges’ decisions will be final. No competitor shall question or harass a judge about his or her personal marks.

14. Marks will be posted. Anyone removing posted marks or master scrutineer sheets without permission may be subject to disciplinary action.

15. All closed syllabus events will be invigilated using the current NDCA list of elements and restrictions. Penalties may be given without warning for any syllabus infractions.

16. Competitors shall conduct themselves in a civil, sportsmanlike manner at all times while on the competition premises.

17. The organizers reserve the right to reject entries from competitors who have previously violated rules of conduct at other NDCA events.

18. Cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations received by the organizers on or before September 19, 2017 will receive a refund (minus a $50 service charge) by mail no later than 30 days after completion of the event. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after September 19, 2017. Credit or partial credit toward entry fees for the following year, may be considered at the sole discretion of the organizers in emergency situations when notified prior to the start of the competition and when accompanied by a physician’s certificate. No credit will be issued for packages cancelled after September 19, 2017.

19. Additional rules for Pro/Am competitors include:

a. Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth Pro/Am competitors may dance up one age level.
b. Adult & Senior Pro/Am competitors may dance down in age from their actual age level (but not into Youth).
c. Pro/Am competitors may dance in two consecutive levels per style (ex –Bronze & Silver, not Bronze & Gold).
d. The Newcomer category is restricted to Pro/Am students in their first year of competing. Newcomers may not have competed in any NDCA-sanctioned event prior to October 9, 2015. The Newcomer division is restricted to the bronze syllabus.
e. Pro/Am competitors must enter the same single dances in the same style in order to enter multi-dance events.
f. Ladies and gentlemen will be combined for all multi-dance Pro/Am events.
g. Figures used in American-style Newcomer through Full Silver syllabus events are restricted to NDCA-approved figures, elements and restrictions. Figures used in American-style Gold syllabus events are restricted to the approved syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA and the official NDCA American-style syllabus.
h. Figures used in International Newcomer through Full Gold syllabus events are restricted to NDCA-approved figures, elements and restrictions.
i. Syllabus figure restrictions do not apply to Gold Star or Open events.
j. No continuity style will be allowed in the American Bronze levels.
k. Lifts are not permitted at any time.
l. Costumes are permitted at any level for Junior, Youth, Adult and Senior Pro/Am competitors. Pre-Teen competitors must adhere to NDCA Pre-Teen costume requirements.

20. Additional rules for Student/Student competitors include:

a. Student/Student events are limited to one adult student Pro/Am dancer competing with another adult student Pro/Am dancer (both of whom must comply with the NDCA definition of Pro/Am Student dancer).
b. Student/Student events are not open to amateur dancers who compete in Amateur Competitions and/or Championships at the “Open Amateur” proficiency level.
c. Student/Student couples may enter single dances only.

21. Additional rules for Amateur competitors include:

a. Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth and Adult dancers competing in Amateur events at the Fantasy Ball must be currently registered with the NDCA unless they are only participating in Pro/Am events. They must provide the Fantasy Ball with proof of 2016 NDCA registration. NDCA Registration Forms may be obtained from or: Eleanor Wiblin, PO Box 22018, Provo, UT 84602, Telephone (801) 422-8124.
b. An amateur couple’s age classification eligibility is determined by: 1) the age of the older partner for Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth and Adult classifications or 2) the age of the younger partner for Senior classifications.
c. Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth amateur couples may dance up one age category.
d. Senior amateur couples may dance down one age category.
e. Amateur competitors may dance in two consecutive levels per style (ex – Bronze & Silver, not Bronze & Gold) and two consecutive age categories where eligible.
f. Singles events are open to individual amateur Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth competitors. The Single competitor must be partnered by another amateur competitor aged eighteen years or younger. The age of the Single competitor shall determine the age level entered and only the Single will be judged.
g. Figures used in American-style Newcomer through Silver syllabus events are restricted to NDCA-approved figures, elements and restrictions. Figures used in American-style Gold syllabus events are restricted to the approved syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA and the official NDCA American-style syllabus.
h. Figures used in International-style Newcomer through Gold syllabus events are restricted to NDCA-approved figures,element and restrictions.
i. No continuity style will be allowed in the American Bronze levels.
j. Lifts are not permitted at any time.
k. Costuming requirements are as follows:

    • NDCA costume requirements for Pre-Teen
    • Syllabus dress for Newcomer through Gold

    • Either “Syllabus” dress or “Open Amateur” dress for Novice

    • “Open Amateur” dress for Pre-Champ and above

22. The dress code for spectators is as follows: casual for daytime, dressy for evening.

23. Smoking of any kind is not permitted in the ballroom, foyer or changing rooms at any time.

24. Complete NDCA rules and regulations can be found at

(June 24, 2017)

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